It’s Happening

The idea of Steve and I getting married is as solid as an idea can be.  It’s all good.  The idea of another wedding is a different thing all together.  As I mentioned earlier, I have already made many of the arrangements; church, pastor, reception venue, caterer, band.  The thing is, all those arrangements are in my comfort zone and have been made from afar.  Today I am driving to our wedding location to meet our wedding planner, visit the church, pastor, re-inspect the reception venue, meet the caterer and interview a florist.

BANG!  The reality of planning a momentous event has hit me.    Themes must be chosen (or rejected), favorite flowers identified, service ideas fleshed out.  YIKES!  I will have to make actual decisions.  I’ll tell you more after all the meetings.  I’m sure there will be stories…  after all, it’s me.


3 thoughts on “It’s Happening

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